A multi-talented individual with expertise in applied sciences, electrical engineering, resourceful leader, innovative and a great team player
The vision of our future lies in the hands of our youth. So please help our younger generation and raise them as leaders, not followers. Build trust in them and never despair of them.
Dr. F. Barzegar


Computer Programs

Laboratory-based characterization techniques

Other Skills

Genoptic, Canada | July.2021-Present

Researcher at energy storage group

Pretoria, South Africa | July.2019-Aug.2021

Act as Junior Chairperson for EXXARO chair at University of Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa | Jan.2017- Present

Act as Industry consultant for national and international corporations

University of Pretoria, South Africa | Aug.2016-Aug.2021 Senior researcher at department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering, Centre of New Energy Systems (CNES) and Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (EEDSM) Hub

University of Pretoria, South Africa | Feb.2016-Jul.2016

Post-doctoral fellow at department of Physics, Carbon Based Nano Materials Research Group. Synthesizing and characterizing graphene-based composite materials for cutting-edge application in energy and water treatment applications

University of Pretoria, South Africa | 2013 – 2016

• Designed, implemented and conducted cutting-edge nanomaterials research for energy-related applications which provided new functional materials for stable device fabrication
• Provided daily research support and supervision to 15+ students including visiting researchers and team leader leading to an increase in annual research publications
• Designed and implemented a highly efficient synthesis route for 2-D graphene-foam nanostructures
• Coordinated ongoing projects, including advanced sample and device characterization, data collation and interpretation, result analysis, manuscript preparation, conference presentations etc.
• Actively managed day-day-day running of the laboratory ensuring best practices are adhered to guarantee optimal performance – such as periodic instrument calibration, maintaining synthesis processes, etc.
• Taught Undergraduate Physics classes, supervised undergraduate practical sessions, participated in grading and final evaluation of student performance, assisted in modifying the teaching curricula and ensuring students got the maximum benefit from teaching

My research topics

  • Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials (Activated Carbon, Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Graphene)
  • Nanomaterials for engineering nanocomposites
  • Nanomaterials for supercapacitor and batteries
  • Preparation and characterization of Polymer/graphene nanofibers synthesized by electrospinning
  • Study effect of conductive additives to gel electrolytes in energy storage application
  • Designee and fabrication of energy storage device such as coin cell supercapcitor and micro supercapacitors
  • Designee and fabrication of hybrid energy storage system (supercapacitor/battery)
  • 3D Simulation of supercapacitor
  • Thermal-electric model of cylindrical supercapacitor and Lithium battery cell
  • Influence of microwave irradiation exposure on electrodes material
  • Influence of electron irradiation exposure on full cell
  • Energy Management and Speed Controller for an Electric Vehicle Powered by a Hybrid Energy Storage System
  • Novel hybrid battery and supercapacitor energy storage system towards high performance and longevity